• At Boulder Holistic Medical Center we believe conventional family practice and holistic medicine go hand-in-hand. 

    Herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine, nutrition, first level homeopathic medicine, mind-body medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics and adolescent medicine are all within our area of expertise. We can also discuss techniques and approaches to acute and chronic illness or other areas of concern to you.

    Practice founder, Dr. Paul Berger is board certified in conventional family practice, and is also a founding diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. His approach always begins with hearing what the patient has to say and having insight and empathy for people with a myriad of chronic problems. One of the hallmarks of his practice, and one of the goals of the Board of Holistic Medicine, is to put ownership and responsibility in the hands of the patient, while at the same time having the care and understanding to contribute insights that could help a patient through any condition. This approach allows Dr. Berger to help you consider the uses and appropriateness of conventional western drugs and surgical options, while at the same time helping you to decide and manage many medical issues with natural means. Dr. Berger can help you determine when diet and lifestyle management changes are enough to handle your medical situation, and when other interventional practices might be helpful.

    It is our sincere hope at the Boulder Holistic Medical Center that our patients remain open to accessing any reasonable methods that might help them, whether using natural methods, such as vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, massage and body work, or a more western approach, such as conventional drugs or surgery.

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