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  • Dr. Berger - Boulder Holistic Medical Center

    To Schedule with Dr. Berger call 303-269-2560

    Dr. Berger is board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Family Practice. He is also a founding diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine.

    Dr. Berger has worked in Boulder, Colorado for 14 years. During his nine-year tenure at Boulder Community Hospital, Dr. Berger founded and created the Boulder Community Hospital Holistic Medical Center. Dr. Berger has now branched out to create his own center-the Boulder Holistic Medical Center.

    Dr. Berger has been practicing natural medicine for 14 years, and believes conventional Family Practice and Holistic Medicine go hand-in-hand. Herbal medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, nutrition, first level Homeopathic Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, and Adolescent Medicine are all within Dr. Berger's area of expertise. He can also talk with you about many other techniques and approaches to any acute illness or chronic illness of concern to you.


    To schedule with Drew Henderson call 303-517-3177

    • Acupuncturist
    • Chinese Herbalist
    • Shiatsu
    • Postural Intergration
    • Professor at Southwest Acupuncture School in Boulder and Colorado
    • School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver. On staff at Boulder Community Hospital for inpatient acupuncture.
    • Areas of specialty: Pain, Motor Vehicle Accident, Addictions (especially smoking cessation), Mental Disorders, Women's Health - including Fertility

    To schedule with Rachel Katz call 303-875-7878

    Rachel Katz, P.T., S.E.P. is a specialist in unique mind/body and pain relief methods. She graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1982. Since then she has studied many kinds of therapy and developed methods of her own in pursuit of solving her client's complex pain and stress situations.

    She is the author of The Consumer Guide to Recovery from Car Accidents. In 2000 she completed Dr. Peter Levine's 3 year training program in treating emotional and physical trauma. She is credentialed as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

    In 2005 she began weekly visits to the Boulder County Jail helping a group of 30 inmates in the drug and alcohol recovery Phoenix Program. She created and taught methods of self-calming, anxiety and tension control and interpersonal relationship building skills for 9 months. Rachel's hands on methods of relieving chronic muscle spasm will be offered through The Boulder College of Massage the emotions Therapy as part of their 2008 Continuing Education courses.

    Rachel has an office at the Boulder Holistic Medical Center. She works with all ages and a wide range of body/mind/emotion problems.

    To schedule with Elif Kuzu call 720-509-9588

    Elif Kuzu integrates a special blend of traditional Chinese Medicine, Five element and Japanese style Kototoma into her practice. She has over 4,000 hours of training in Oriental Medicine. She is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado and The American Acupuncture Council. The ancient sages believe that health and peace come from being in harmony with the deeper currents of nature.

    Elif majored in Pre-Med and earned her B.S. in Biology/Chemistry at the University of Texas Tech, Lubbock. Realizing her passion for traditional medicine, she pursued a graduate program and received her Masters degree in Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College, in Boulder, Colorado. During her academic career she was trained in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine as well as Qi gong, Tai Qi, Shiatsu (Japanese style massage), Tui Na (Chinese style massage), and Chinese nutrition. Additional therapies also include electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), cupping, guasha, auriculotherapy, Chinese organ massage, myofascial release, dietary and lifestyle changes. In addition to her schooling, she continued an extensive work/study at Heilongjiang Hospital in Harbin, China, learning the culture and practice of Oriental Medicine from the original source. She worked with the most prestigious doctors and severely ill patients. She saw a variety of patients from pediatric, OBGYN to Stroke patients whom were cured with a combination of acupuncture therapies.

    Elif is unique healer, she has a strong energetic gentle touch and works with many patients who are afraid of needles, including children and the elderly. Elif practices the living system of traditional Chinese herbalism and integrates the use of many local medicinal herbs. She invites you to the path of longevity through Chinese Medicine and to the fullness that your health can and will experience.

    Elif Kuzu is a general practitioner. She treats a variety of disorders including Stress, PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia, Vertigo, TMJ, Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Hair Loss, Pain, Motor Vehicle Accident, Addictions (especially smoking cessation), Mental Disorders, Women's Health - including Fertility and Musculoskeletal Disorders.

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